Brita Knutsen Dahl

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Brita Knutsen Dahl
Advisor, Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen AS

Brita is characterized by an enormous experience with innovative and demanding operation of Arctic tourism products in a special class. With her expertise, determination and commitment, she has been the driving force to elevate our products to unique adventure travel of the highest quality.

Brita has a great love for everything that Svalbard represents. She allows herself to be inspired and fascinated by the expeditionary spirit of earlier times, and is concerned that the Arctic history and culture should be communicated with care to our guests.
At the same time, Brita is an active hiker, skier and explorer, and enjoys the wilderness. She has climbed countless peaks in Svalbard, is not afraid to embark on demanding snowmobile trips and appreciates a refreshing swim in the Arctic Ocean all year round.

Brita has lived in Longyearbyen for two periods. First with her family from 2003 to 2007, and when the pandemic created challenges for the travel industry in 2020, Brita chose to move north to work closely with the operation through a demanding period. Brita still lives on Svalbard, but likes to spend a few days on the mainland in her house in Gålå or on the childhood island of Stord.

More than 30 years of experience with the development of distinctive destinations makes Brita an attractive resource in innovation and nature-based niche tourism. Among other things, she had the idea and led the work to turn a former radio station into a boutique-standard hotel (Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel), and developed Nordenskiöld Lodge into a gem of a unique off-the-beaten-track accommodation offer. She was also the driving force behind Basecamp Explorer’s special product, the boat in the ice. For several years, the sailing ship Nordenlicht was frozen in the ice in winter, and was an exotic accommodation offer for guests on snowmobiles or dog sleds. The boat in the ice is not operational today, due to climate change in Svalbard.

Brita Knutsen Dahl is known for her clarity and a will to innovate. Inspired by Svalbard’s history and own experiences in nature, and with a desire to convey and safeguard the Arctic for future generations. Based on quality and respect.


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