Waste Management – Sustainability report May 2018

As a responsible tourism operator, Basecamp Explorer cares about the management of waste in its camps and in the community surrounding the camps. Not only do we sort our waste, we also extend our waste management program to include the local Maasai community and neighbouring camps.

This has helped improve the sanitation and the standards of waste disposal in the Maasai Mara region. With a high ambition of ensuring proper waste management, this program will primarily focus on improving sanitation in the Talek village and about 15 neighbouring camps.

Basecamp educates the local Maasai community on the importance of proper waste management and provides each manyatta or Maasai homestead with a waste collection sack which is collected every 3 days. Biodegradable waste such as food leftovers is composited in a pit and utilized to enhance the vegetable garden that serves the camp. In 2018 we intend to eradicate the use of plastic bottles by using recyclable glass bottles in the camps. Basecamp also intends to build an incinerator to burn refuse and elevate the waste management project to a self sustaining level that will be made possible should the additional camps pay for the disposal of their waste. Additional funding, will cater for government licenses, structures, operational equipment and appliances including a solar panel, assortment chambers and pit and labour costs.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the project


Reduce environmental degradation through proper disposal of waste  




Collect and segregate waste
Properly disposal of collected waste


Number of community members properly disposing waste
Number of camps involved in the waste  management project


Cleaner and healthier community
Increase in number of camps & community members involved in proper waste disposal 


Reduction in quantity of recyclable waste going to landfills
Improved sanitation and standards of waste management in the region


Better sanitation and aesthetic value of the Talek region and Masai Mara as a whole with an improved tourist expectation and experience

Figures for the project

Figures as at end of 2017 (Since project inception)


2017 only

18 tonnes of garbage collected 

2018 Projection

Approx. 48 tonnes of garbage will be collected   

Qualitative milestones for 2018

Pilot a waste collection management activity from 15 selected camps
Protect wildlife and livestock from polythene and plastic waste pollution
Maintain the hygiene and beauty of Talek town and its environments

Project Needs for 2018 (USD)

USD 20,000

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