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A journey to Svalbard is a captivating tapestry of contrasts. In the darkness, we gaze upon the mesmerizing dance of the northern lights, drawing closer to each other around crackling fires. As the sun reemerges, we traverse snow-clad plains and fjords on scooters, discovering the welcoming havens of Isfjord Radio and Nordenskiöld Lodge, where comfort and hospitality await.
Come summer, skis and scooters make way for mountain boots and boats, leading us to encounter the vibrant wildlife thriving under the unending Arctic sun. Svalbard’s raw, unfiltered beauty captivates with its honesty, offering boundless and intimate experiences in a truly unique natural realm.


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Immersed in the heart of Mother Nature captivates with its raw, magnificent allure, unfalteringly present year-round. Amidst the quaint yet vibrant streets of Longyearbyen, life thrives alongside boundless hospitality, while the untouched wilderness beckons with unparalleled natural encounters.


off the beaten track

Awake to the mesmerizing melody of the glacier or the historic echoes of a former radio station from 1933. Nordensköld Lodge stands proudly as the world’s northernmost commercial lodge, offering an unparalleled Arctic experience. Meanwhile, Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its remote charm, far removed from civilization. Each of our accommodations is a testament to uniqueness and character, promising unforgettable stays amidst the pristine beauty of Svalbard.


A special guest

We were honored to host a visit from National Geographic and renowned chef Kristen Kish, who embarked on an Arctic culinary expedition alongside our head chef at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Their collaboration resulted in the captivating series ‘Restaurants at the End of the World,’ showcasing the exceptional dining experiences crafted from Arctic produce.


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Embarking on a journey in the Arctic nature is a truly remarkable and distinct experience. To ensure your journey is nothing short of perfect, we’ve gathered useful information to guide you along the way. From booking trips tailored to your preferences and physical fitness level, we’re here to help you create an adventure that’s ideal for you and your companions.

Svalbard is a destination cherished by all nature lovers, offering unparalleled beauty and awe-inspiring experiences. Contact us today for a tailor-made adventure that promises to be unforgettable.

Our philosophy

more than travel

The Basecamp Explorer Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with the local community in the Masai Mara to protect nature. Together with Basecamp Explorer Kenya, we are one of the most innovative and renowned tour operators in sustainable tourism.

Our isolated and unique base battles are the perfect starting point to experience Svalbard’s wild and untouched nature. Throughout the year, we arrange trips and expeditions for individual travelers, and we tailor programs for groups and companies. Our guests get an authentic and unique experience, and are active participants when we are on tour. Together we get the good feeling of mastery in the Arctic, and together we contribute to better conditions in Kenya. Read more about our projects below.


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