A new addition to Isfjord Radio flavour palette

With the support of the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund, the talented chefs at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel have enabled the creation of an inviting herb garden for the use and enjoyment of chefs, guests and the culinary Arctic dishes served in the restaurant.


The volunteers arriving at Isfjord Radio every summer have together constructed and completed the herb garden, which is now a perfect environment for growing sprouts. Assisted by 16 LED lamps and heating mats, they will help facilitate optimal plant growth. You will get to enjoy the treasures of our green room at your next meal at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel.

Sprouting time

Seeds and soil have travelled all the way from Nygård Hagebruk on Kvaløya in Tromsø, and the first seeds were planted on July 11th . We will initially grow several herbal plant species, such as salvie, thyme, rosemary, spinach, radish, sugar peas, bean sprouts and mustard squash. After we have finished conducting our herbal plant trial, we decide which three herbs we would like to continue growing.

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