Meet the hosts at Nordenskiöld Lodge

Hosts at Nordenskiöld Lodge

Have you been lucky enough to visit Nordenskiöld Lodge in the heart of Adolfbukta? The hosts at the world’s northernmost commercial cabin had long had a dream of getting a guide and hosts position at the outpost, now they are in busy with their first season at our beautiful lodge in front of the Nordenskiöld glacier.

– We arrived at Nordenskiöld Lodge in really rough weather, and almost had to throw supplies ashore from the boat. The box of vegetables went in the water, so then we had to put on survival suits and go swimming for broccoli and carrots between the ice from the glacier, laughs Eli Gunnemark. Together with his fiancée Arien Ramnefjell, he is responsible for ensuring that our guests at Nordenskiöld Lodge get a close and genuine encounter with the mighty nature at the outpost.

Busy, but beautiful days
Arien and Eli have guided on Svalbard for many years, and have deep knowledge and experience from all the fascinating shifts in the Arctic. In addition, they are focused on creating the good guest experience around the fire pit or a tasty meal in a well-run cottage far beyond civilization.

– After preparing the cabin for the summer season, we made a solid outdoor table from driftwood. We underestimated how time-consuming it is to transform solid wooden logs into even table surfaces, but it has turned out well then, Arien smiles. In glorious sunshine over Nordenskiöld Lodge, she sets the table for the trout dinner Eli prepares in the modest kitchen.

From urban life to wilderness
Arien grew up between the Alps of Sunnmøre in the west of Norway – a real nature freak who arrived at Spitsbergen wrapped in pastel colors in February 2012. She is a trained polar guide and immerses herself in Arctic history and development when she does not guide on scooters and skis, kayaks or on foot over the tundra.

Eli is from a suburb outside Stockholm, but challenged the urban with trips to India, Nepal and Borneo. In the deep Indonesian jungle, he got to try his hand as a night guide in search of ghost monkeys, spiders and snakes. After two years of nature guide education and guide job in northern Sweden, he came to Spitsbergen in 2017.

– We have been past Nordenskiöld Lodge countless times as guides on snowmobiles or by boat. The dream was one day to host this very special outpost. Now we are here and have not been disappointed. On the contrary, the couple says.

A very special place
Nordenskiöld Lodge is nestled next to the mighty Nordenskiöld Glacier, with views of the fjord, majestic mountains and the glacier front. The cabin does not have running water or electricity, but offers lovely comfort, including falling asleep to the deep rumble when large masses of ice release the glacier and are welcomed by the sea. Completely deserted, as close to Arctic wilderness as possible.

– It is a privilege to work in a place like this, with new challenges every single day. We must take into account that we work in the realm of polar bears, and the weather can change quickly in the Arctic. Safety always comes first, and the work tasks are adapted to the conditions, says Arien.

It is impossible to be an ungrateful guest at Nordenskiöld Lodge. It is this unique combination of total tranquility and powerful nature experiences that touches something deep within us. Well taken care of by Arien and Eli, preferably around the table made of driftwood that has travelled far in the Arctic Ocean. There are few places in the world like Nordenskiöld Lodge.

Nordenskiöld Lodge

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