The first rays of sun on Mount Trollsteinen

After four months of darkness, the light is coming back, and it happens fast. From one day to the next you can experience the daylight increasing for up to two hours.

Longyearbyen majestic backyard

The month of February throws blue, purple and pink colors over the sky. It is easy to understand why artist come here for inspiration. It is like living in a piece of art and even photos cannot express how beautiful it.

Mount Trollsteinen 849-meter. Photo by Torill Brandal Berge

As we walk up the glacier a could wind wraps itself around us. We are heading for the 849-meter high mountain, looking for sunshine and soft spots to ski down. When entering the last leg of the climb the wind turn silent as a result of very local conditions, and it feels like time is standing still.

Upcoming March and April are our high season winter months. A personal favorite amongst many is still the transition time when the light changes and gives us a rush on life with a feeling of hope and lighter days.  


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