What’s up on Svalbard 2023

Longyearbyen is a vibrant city, with many events that tempt visitors and permanent residents alike. Throughout the year, adventures related to food, culture and nature are on the program, and all are characterized by the fact that they are organized at 78 degrees north. Anyone tempted? Also join us at the Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, where there will be a music festival and anniversary celebration in 2023.

Photo: Kevin Beuer

Pop Up Mine 3

2 February – 18 March
Cultural experience with urban cooking. Every week there are new chefs behind the pots. An exciting meeting between food, wine, people and mining history.

The PolarJazz Festival

02.-05. February
The world’s northernmost jazz festival with varied artists for music lovers. This year, among others, Silje Nergaard, Bugge Wesseltoft and Thomas Dybdahl are on stage.

Arctic Chamber Music Festival

23.-26. February
Classical music festival presenting classical and contemporary music, dance and unique experiences.

Solar week

4.-12. March
When the sun hits Longyearbyen for the first time this year, on March 8, children and adults are gathered for a party and celebration on the old hospital stairs. Solfestuka offers many fine cultural events.

Svalbard Ski Marathon

April 15
The world’s most northerly touring race runs through fantastic terrain, starting and finishing at Longyearbyen.

Norway’s National Day

May 17
Norway’s national day is celebrated in the traditional way in Longyearbyen. With children’s parade, band music and festively dressed participants.

Spitsbergen Marathon

June 3
Joined by the Arctic wildlife! Spitsbergen Marathon is arranged in the beautiful terrain in and around Longyearbyen.


19.-21. August

Isfjord Radio music festival

1.-3. September
The music is experienced up close and honestly when some of Norway’s most popular artists meet the guests in and around the Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. A very special festival weekend with delicious food, great musical experiences and adventures in the arctic wilderness.

Isfjord Radio 90 years, anniversary weekend

8.-10. September
This year, Isfjord Radio turns 90, and it will be celebrated with exciting lectures, a celebratory dinner and, of course, wilderness adventures around the radio station from 1933 at the far end of the Isfjorden.
Program coming.

Dark Season Blues

The blues festival is held every year on the last weekend in October. Darkness settles over Svalbard, and that gives an extra good experience of blues music.
The date is coming.

October Festival

Program and date to come.

Christmas at Basecamp Hotel

11 November to 7 January
Basecamp Hotel shines in the polar night! Lavishly decorated by interior design expert Halvor Bakke. A lovely place to stay and visit during the Christmas season. If you want a private Christmas dinner, get in touch.



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