You deserve a sustainable summer holiday too: Explore our Arctic ship

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen’s newest hotel and adventure addition, the three-masted schooner Linden, is sailing the coast of Norway to Svalbard. SV Linden is packed with experiences for liveaboard adventures. So far, she and the crew have proven to be well equipped to handle the Arctic conditions of snow, sleet and freezing temperatures.

The 40 days of travel from Denmark to Spitsbergen is SV Linden’s maiden voyage in these icy waters. Along the way all bits and pieces have to be sorted out and put into work. Food and freight are being loaded in all ports. Danish sailors heave sails, attend to daily chores and the never-ending maintenance tasks and the young crew-men dream about wind and action while being busy preparing and painting. As SV Linden gets closer to Svalbard, she will have to navigate through some icy waters. Bands of heavy drift ice with seals and bears lay between Bjørnøya and the Isfjord.

In the galley the cook Dennis is hustling and preparing for a sustainable Spitsbergen summer. There are seeds to sow, perennials to plant and grow and produce to keep fresh in different ways. The captain lends his crew, and they make arrangements for hanging gardens in the ships’ skylights. Dennis carefully selects and cares for his produce; harvesting, freezing, drying, smoking, pickling, and fermenting.

Along the coast line of Norway, he searches for new techniques and nourishing food to harvest from local specialists. His task is to keep crops fresh and nutritious, and he is proud of each batch he stocks up. Through the summer he and the expedition leader Mette will carefully plan sustainable menus that is friendly to the ocean we sail on.

Contact our Arctic Travel Designers and let them help you book the right voyage for you. On Linden you can enjoy exclusive and sustainable expedition cruises with only a few fellow passengers. It’s just you, the Arctic and Midnight sun. If you book before May 15th you’ll get 30% off from any of our Sailing Expeditions. For individual traveller’s only.


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