Young sailors find perspective high in the Arctic

(CNN) High above the Arctic Circle, waves crash aggressively onto Europe’s largest three-masted wooden schooner.

The wind howls violently against the ship as it crosses notoriously stormy waters — tearing its sails in the process. But for the crew on board, as they cross the Barents Sea, this is the adventure of a lifetime.

Aboard the Linden, 10 men battle seasickness and work relentless shifts for 40 days in a determined effort to get the replica of a 1920s vessel from Denmark to the icy Norwegian island of Svalbard.

In Svalbard, home to 3,000 inhabitants — polar bears outnumber people. Here, the landscape is rugged, remote, fragile and rich in the untouched arctic wilderness. The seasons are relentless — with long sunlit summer evenings and endless winter nights.

It’s the Linden’s maiden voyage after being revitalized, but for many on board, this is more than just a journey. This is a mission to provide sustainable, eco-friendly expeditions in the high Arctic.

Not only that though, but the voyage also aims to bring perspective to the lives of some of the Linden’s young crew — some of whom come from troubled backgrounds and have had run-ins with the law.

Read the full story here.


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