Herlaug Risøy

After seven years in Oslo, Herlaug (29) was ready for new adventures far away from the big city. It was primarily her partner’s job in Svalbard that lured her north, but it is nature, the fresh arctic air and the fantastic mountains that are contributing reasons why Herlaug still wants to live in the Arctic. Her previous career as a nurse in Oslo has been replaced by completely different tasks at 780 nord.

Herlaug worked at the reception at the Basecamp Hotel for a year, and was eager to give the guests a feeling of coming “home” after a long day on expeditions, full of impressions. Now we have the pleasure of having Herlaug with us as a finance and administration employee.

Herlaug loves being out in nature, and likes to go on mountain trips after work. She is often observed at Varden, which is one of the nearest mountain peaks outside Longyearbyen. Coziness is important to Herlaug, and there is a lot of coziness in a good cup of coffee and some chocolate. She likes to enjoy both in the sun on the balcony, on a trip in the mountains or at home on the sofa.

– The mountains here are magical! They cannot be explained – they must be experienced. Especially in autumn, which is perhaps my favorite season in Svalbard, says Herlaug.


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