Maiken Hermansen

Maiken is born in Bodø, and came to Svalbard for an adventure in 2000. She started to work at one of the hotels in town, with creating unforgettable experience for guests while they visited Longyearbyen.

In 2004 she moved back to Bodø, before Svalbard called her back in 2011. When she returned, with her husband and two daughters, she first experienced Svalbard’s unique nature with the children in Longyearbyen’s kindergardens, before she moved on to help creating unique adventures for our guests in Spitsbergen.

Maiken loves to be outside. Whether it is on short or long trips, with a cup of coffee on a hilltop or outside the house in the sun. Together with a group of friends, her girls, a dog or the snowmobile.



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