Markus Nordberg Håkerud

Markus (27) was born and raised in Dokka, Norway, relatively far from the sea. However, Markus is anything but a landlubber. With solid experience and knowledge, he expertly navigates our boats in Arctic waters.

Markus holds a bachelor’s degree in outdoor activities and nature guiding from Volda University College. He is also a certified sea kayak activity leader and has completed the D5LA course, along with an advanced safety course.

“Svalbard is completely unique on a global scale, and it has always been a dream of mine to spend time here in the north. When I was offered a job, I seized the opportunity right away.”

Markus is passionate about all things outdoors and spends most of his time climbing and skiing. On quieter days, he enjoys taking a boat ride on the fjord or recharging his batteries at Coal Miner’s Bar & Grill in Longyearbyen.

“Highly recommended,” says Markus.


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