Snowmobiling in Svalbard? Yes!

Snowmobiling in Svalbard? Yes!

Ready for a wild winter adventure? Put on a thermal suit and helmet, get comfortable on the snowmobile and travel out into the Arctic wilderness. We warn against experiences that settle deep and well in the body and mind.

Person in Basecamp Explorer snowsuit with helmet driving a snowmobile in Spitsbergen.
Snowmobiling-Svalbard-Photo by Thought Leader Global-Basecamp Explorer

When are you going to travel to Svalbard? Always! Polar light or midnight sun, blue hours or autumn colors. We who live close to the Arctic wilderness can never decide, when is it most beautiful and spectacular?

The snowmobile is heading towards Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel at the rim of the west coast. You are not far from the small town of Longyearbyen when the mighty nature is 3600 around you. Into snow-covered valleys, over icy lakes and between the characteristic rock formations on Svalbard. The trip is exciting, challenging, but most of all fun. Safely led by our dedicated and experienced guides. They know the Arctic.

Isfjord Radio

At the far end of Cape Linnaeus your hosts warmly welcome you. The candles are lit, slippers and wool blankets are laid out and in the kitchen Rogier prepares the highlight of the evening: An adventurous meal based on local ingredients such as Svalbard reindeer, grouse and fish from the Arctic Ocean. And please, look forward to the home made bread.

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is a radio station from 1933 that has been transformed into a delicate hotel. Here, the Norwegian interior expert Halvor Bakke has brought in the Arctic color palette and Norwegian quality suppliers, while historical elements are well taken care of.

Guest bedroom at Isfjord Radio adventure hotel in Spitsbergen.
Isfjord Radio – Photo by Silje Forbes – Basecamp Explorer

Remember swimwear when you go to Isfjord Radio! The beautiful, small sauna Kokeriet is located on the beach and has panoramic windows facing the Isfjord and the mountains to the west. Maybe a walrus is passing by? The toughest take a quick dip in the Arctic Ocean, and of course end up on our list of Arctic swimmers.

If you want to experience Svalbard, you have to go out into the wilderness. Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen is the only Norwegian operator in Svalbard that offers accommodation at hotels and serviced cabins outside Longyearbyen. And this is where the magic is created. It is these experiences that will make you  remember the trip to Svalbard as very special.

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