Summer adventures to Isfjord Radio

Summer packages at Isfjord Radio

Join one of our full summer programs including accommodation, meals and guided adventures. Find your way to the seacrets esccapes of the Arctic wilderness.

The best summer adventures for nature lovers can be found in the true wilderness, far off the beaten tracks. Isfjord Radio will introduce you to the true Svalbard and the wonders of the High Arctic. After an adventurous day in the Arctic playground you will return to a warm and cosy living room, a homemade meal and a relax in your peaceful home on the windswept grounds of Kapp Linné.

Every day
3 days
Min. 4 participants
Dinner and breakfast
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel
Child 2-11 yrs 6,990
Min. age 2
per person 9,990 nok
Next departure 20th May 2024

Spend your days exploring the wilderness together with your Arctic nature guide, and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by your host when you arrive back at the hotel. Just as the former radio station manager hosted and served the Norewgian polar hero, Fritjof Nansen, Isfjord Radio’s own chef will prepare and serve you a tasty menu with a touch of local ingredients and unique combinations of flavours. Isfjord Radio is the perfect place to be on the lookout for the “Big Five” of Svalbard. The more time you spend in the Arctic wilderness, the more likely you are to cross walruses, polar bears, the Arctic fox, the Svalbard grouse and the Svalbard reindeer off your bucket list.

Boat departure every day at 3pm
4 days
Dinner and breakfast
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel
2-11 years, 8,490
Min. age 2
per person 12,490 nok

5-day hiking from Longyearbyen to Isfjord Radio. Experience summer in Svalbard by hiking through the beautiful Nordenskiöld Land. We start from Longyearbyen and hike over the mountains and through the valleys to Coles Bay and Grønnfjorden before we continue further west to the the remote Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, the last stop before Greenland.

AUG 5-8 & AUG 12-16
5 days
Min. 4 participants
Meals included
Tent and Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel
Min. age 18
per person 29,990 nok
Next departure 5th Aug 2024

Experience the best of what Svalbard has to offer in summertime; glaciers, hiking, wildlife, and new friends in fellow explorers and your Arctic nature guide. Enjoy your time at the comfortable and world northernmost situated lodge, lurking in the moraine by Nordenskiold glacier. Immerse yourself in the true wilderness feeling at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, at the very west coast of Spitsbergen.

5 days
Min. 4 participants
Meals included
Nordenskiold Lodge and Isfjord Radio
Min. age 12
per person 49,990 nok
Next departure 5th Jul 2024


Experience Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

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