Be inspired: Sample Menu from Isfjord Radio Kitchen

Be inspired: Sample Menu from Isfjord Radio Kitchen

When staying at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, you are in for a real treat. In the evening, we gather around the dinner table – a real gem of the Isfjord Radio experience. The menus change daily and are designed according to season and availability of ingredients. Be inspired by two example menus from the Isfjord Radio Kitchen.


The winter menu is based solely on preserved ingredients from last season, which have developed unique flavors and textures through several months of preservation in the dark.


Autumn on Svalbard is the season of harvest. We set menu based on what is in the local area and has a close cooperation with Bellsund and Farmhamna trapper stations.


Dinner at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Bearded seal, ringed seal, arctic char and cod from the ice cold sea. Reindeer, ptarmigan and geese from the modest tundra and the...


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