basecamp Explorer

From the cradle of mankind to the border of civilization.

The Basecamp Explorer

is a tourism company that operates a collection destinations across the globe in a responsible & enlightened way.


We do more than we tell

Our own Basecamp Foundation was established alongside the commercial side, Basecamp Explorer. Since the beginning we have partnered closely with the Maasai people to develop models for conserving nature and empowering the local community. Over the years we have established and supported community programs aimed at enhancing capacity, raising awareness, improving living conditions and wildlife development. We are proud to share some of our stories here.


Using sustainable tourism as a vehicle for creating positive change

Basecamps’ work has received recognition locally and globally. This is a great motivating factor for...


Women: The Basecamp Maasai Brand

Lack of economic opportunities for women is a major global concern, which hinders gender equality an...


Youth: Koiyaki Guiding School

Koiyaki Guiding Schools mission is to on enhance the employment prospects of young Maasai in a time ...


Biodiversity: Basecamp Tree Plantation and Nursery

Since the Basecamp Tree Plantation was established in 2000 we have planted 75 000 trees. The aim of ...


Lions: The Mara Naboisho Big Cat Project

The Mara Naboisho Big Cat Project is a long-term effort to monitor and protect the lion, leopard and...


Towards a village bank: Maasai Women Embrace Community Managed Microfinance

As we approach the meeting spot under a tree in Mpuaai we spot bright Maasai kangas giving in to the...