We need to act before they're gone

How can you help to make difference?

The Basecamp concept allows you to pick the level of help best suited for you. You can start by sharing our content on social media. It’s that simple.

For a greater impact, travel to one of our camps in Kenya or Spitsbergen and leave a positive footprint through responsible tourism. You can also donate money directly to one of our projects or make a general contribution to the Foundation. We thank you for caring.

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Our Norwegian supporters are welcome to use vipps for donations. Vipps your donation to524827

Choose the project you would like to support or note your donation with general support: Where the need is greatest!

Ongoing projects that needs support are the following:

Mara Naboisho Concervancy, The Basecamp Maasai Braand, Enjoolata Awareness and Training Centre, Reforestation – Rewild the Mara, Waste Management and Clean-Up.

Get your Basecamp Explorer Foundation gift card here


Book a trip to one of our destinations and you are already contributing to conservation while witnessing what we protect firsthand


where your money goes

From all our donations 90% is used directly to activities supporting our projects
and only 10% is used for administration fees


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