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For Basecamp Explorer Foundation, the work we do depends on the continued support of our friends and partners. Our continued growth and success is due to the support we receive from active partners who embrace our vision – and believe in a shared dream! Together, our objectives focus on transforming the lives of the local people and particularly in addressing key areas such as poverty reduction, gender equality, environment, health and local capacity building and education.

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Our beloved partners (CSR - Corporate Social Resonsibility)

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen runs five eco-lodges on Spitsbergen, and offers many Arctic adventures based on ecological principles. Our operations are largely defined by beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. In Spitsbergen all guests can join our Do-Good projects with 250 NOK per person. This investment is automatically added to all overnight trips in Spitsbergen. We use the investment to balance the carbon footprint created by your air travel to the high arctic. The amount is donated in its entirety to Basecamp Explorer Foundation projects and used to safeguard the incredible nature, wildlife and people in Maasai Mara – the most important wildlife ecosystem on the planet. Each year we hope to channel NOK 250,000 to this purpose. Read more

Basecamp Foundation USA

Basecamp is a non-profit tourism based organization that works with host communities and partner organizations in tourism destinations to create sustainable destinations in developing countries. We want to create a forum for host communities to demonstrate positive impacts of tourism on the natural, social and economic environment.

Born Global

Anne-Katrine S. Hagelund is the founder, main sponsor and owner of Born Global, which was founded in 2005 and has conducted leadership development programs in Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos, Bhutan and Nepal. Born Global is a politically and religiously independent organization, run pro bono by a woman’s strong commitment and desire to make a difference, as well as giving a voice to humanitarian organizations. Its main target is women in countries where women’s rights have a weak position. Read more.

Bull Arkitekter

Bull Arktitekter is a Norwegian Architect company operating from Oslo Norway focusing both on private and commercial buildings. Bull Arkitekter are co-operating with us in Masai Mara. Read more


Dermanor is a Scandinavian company operating on the cosmetic sector. Dermanor has operations under DermaCare, which are aiming for better world. Through the DermaCare they support Basecamp Foundations in various projects in Maasai Mara, Kenya. Each year Dermanor travels down to Kenya to visit Basecamp Explorer in Maasai Mara, partly for the wonderful experience, but most off all to see that the money and assistance we contribute really goes to the right things. Read more


Ferd is a family-owned Norwegian investment-company committed to value-creating ownership of businesses and investments in financial assets. In addition to the group’s purely commercial activities, Ferd has an extensive involvement in social entrepreneurship. Ferd Social Entrepreneurs supports selected  organisations, projects and individuals in activities where the social results carry greater weight than the financial results. Read more


Floriss is Norway’s largest franchised based florist chain store, famous for their roses, which are imported from Kenya. Floriss stores have highly motivated staff with a great knowledge about the flower trade and with a focus on customer satisfaction. Sustainable trade is important. It is not only some of the world’s most beautiful plants that must be well taken care of but also the people who produces and delivers them. Every time you buy roses from a Floriss store you help support women in Maasai Mara improving their lives and enabling them to become finically independent. Read more


Hvitserk offers nature-based adventure holidays for active explorers in Norway. For more than 30 years, Hvitserk has organized exciting journeys for adventurous people to all corners of the world. Hvitserk brings travellers to both Spitsbergen and Kenya and thus influencing positively to the responsible tourism. In addition they are helping us to plant more trees year after year. Read more

Karisa Maasai Brand

Karisa Maasai Brand was established in 2015 and delivers fair trade products handmade by the Maasai ladies. Karisa is co-operating with Basecamp Maasai Brand (BMB) selling their jewel in the Scandinavia. Read more.

Kristiansand Dyrepark

Dyreparken is biggest family attraction in Norway with over 1 million visitors yearly. Dyreparken started a collaboration with the Basecamp Explorer Foundation in Masai Mara, Kenya in 2010 through the Mara Naboisho Conservancy project, which focuses on sustainable development for conservation of the unique wildlife, based on cooperation with the local Masai population. Read more

LGT Venture Philanthropy

Improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people. LGT Venture Philanthropy’s mission is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people, contribute to healthy ecosystems and build resilient, inclusive and prosperous communities. To realize our mission, we invest philanthropic capital to support the growth of organizations with effective, scalable solutions to societal challenges, focusing on high impact returns. In Kenya LGT Venture Philantropy is supporting Mara Naboisho Conservancy. Naboisho integrates Maasai, tourism and wildlife interests through equitable decision rights and income participation. Read more

Mellbye Arkitekter

Mellbye Arkitektur Interiør AS is a total supplier of architectural services. Ever since the establishment, Melbye Arkitekter has been working on projects where individuality has been the main goal. The company balances its commercial activity with several pro bono tasks. These include extensive collaboration with Basecamp Explorer in two continents. Read more


Norad is the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. We do the quality-assurance of Norwegian Development Cooperation. The Agency is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In matters regarding Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), Norad reports to the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. Read more


Norfund is Norway’s Development Finance Institution. Norfund’s mandate is to support the building of sustainable businesses in poor countries and thereby contribute to economic and social development. Norfund is an active strategic minority investor – wholly owned and funded by the Norwegian Government. Read more


The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) is a Norwegian public sector agency that promotes international cooperation at all levels of education. SIU is located in the city of Bergen, Norway. Read more

SUMMA Equity

Summa Equity was founded in 2016 by an experienced group of people that have a long track record from investing in successful companies. The group was brought together by a shared view of the world and the economy, and a passion for developing companies that can outperform through providing products and services needed to meet the increasing demands and complexities our societies face. Read more


Our name reflects our expertise: “ipso” means “self” and “med” stands for medication. Hence our company name perfectly illustrates our core business: to market our innovative, high-quality and reliable products and services which allow patients to administer their own medication in a safe and simple way. Our self-injection and diagnostic systems help millions of people, most of them diabetics, to enjoy the best possible quality of life. Read more

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