Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (MMWCA)


Project Implementing Partner in Maasai Mara

When we began our operations about 20 years ago, we made a decision to engage in sustainable development in partnership with the local Maasai community and other like-minded stakeholders. With a focus on projects that address poverty eradication, climate change and safeguarding life on land, Basecamp established a number of sustainable initiatives to help transform the lives of the local Maasai community.

Project Implementing Partner in Maasai Mara


Key Activities

  • Capacity Building

Time frame

2018 On going

To ensure the successful implementation of selected initiatives, Basecamp Explorer partners with key sustainable organizations one of which is the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (MMWCA), an umbrella organization for conservancies in Maasai Mara.

Established in 2014 to conserve the Maasai Mara ecosystem through a network of protected areas for the prosperity of the wildlife and local Maasai community, MMWCA comprises of 15 conservancies including Mara Naboisho Conservancy. To increase the area under conservation, MMWCA reduced the number of families living within the conservancies and cattle proofed bomas which significantly reduces human-wildlife conflict and promotes the coexistence of wildlife along with the Maasai community.

In line with Basecamp’s goal to promote sustainable tourism and build a sustainable future in Maasai Mara and to further advance the conservation of the pristine Mara Serengeti ecosystem, from 2018, MMWCA implements projects which include amongst others, securing the northern wildlife corridor of Pardamat Hills. In addition, Basecamp Explorer Foundation (BCEF) has secured grants of more than USD 3 million for projects in the Mara. The funds to be disbursed over a 4 year period in various projects to be implemented by MMWCA, will help secure more conservation land, pilot commercial cattle enterprise, support educational tourism as well as provide vocational training for the local community.

Today, conservancies in Masai Mara cover about 1,405km² of pristine wildlife territory, 105km² less than the Maasai Mara National Reserve. MMWCA’s role in creating a strong platform to establish and strengthen the Mara Conservancies is key for the survival of this ecosystem. The umbrella body has a mandate from landowners and tourism parties to play the principal coordination role for the benefit of the greater Mara ecosystem stakeholders. Good governance structures and systems, strong revenue streams and solid management are key aspects of successful conservancies. Additionally, optimization and diversification of revenue streams for conservancies will create optimal land use enabling conservancies to thrive and in turn, create socio-economic benefits for all stakeholders.

  • Secured more land for conservancies and conservation
  • Diversifying revenue streams thus providing more socio-economic benefits for the local Maasai community.
  • Increase in wildlife population in the conservancies



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