Enjoolata Training Centre – Sustainability report May 2018

Enjoolata is a Maasai word used to describe a feeling of AWE! A feeling of joy when you come around a bend and experience, physically or mentally, something great and unexpected. That is Enjoolata!

The Enjoolata Awareness and Training Centre will be a culturally themed vision & inspiration centre with education and entertainment, showcasing, protecting and enhancing the Maasai culture and the natural environment and its wildlife.

The centre will act as a source of information for research and further studies of some of the threatened species. The centre will also provide information and research on materials on culture, birds, plants and wildlife.

The centre may have specific content pillars such as:

  • Global ecosystems under threat – the solutions at work in Masai Mara Private Conservancies such as Mara Naboisho Conservancy.
  • The need and ways to mobilize and incentivize local communities and other partners including guests.
  • The role of Responsible Tourism to protect our nature & wildlife, with BCEK and other examples forming case studies

Monitoring and Evaluation of the project


Provide training, information and research materials on culture, birds, plants and wildlife




Educate, showcase, protect & enhance Maasai culture


Quantity & quality of research material available
Number of guests visiting the centre


Better earning and improved standards of living for the employees


Satisfied guests who will serve as ambassadors of the centre and of BCEK


Available qualitative research materials on threatened species, culture, birds, plants and wildlife

Figures for the project

Figures as at end of 2017 (Since project inception)


2017 only


2018 Projection


Qualitative milestones for 2018

Protecting and enhancing the Maasai culture, the natural environment and its wildlife
Provision of qualitative research materials on culture, birds and wildlife 

Project Needs for 2018 (USD)

USD 93,750

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