Koiyaki Guiding School (KGS) – Sustainablity Report May 2018

Basecamp Explorer Kenya supports a capacity building institution that trains young Maasai men and women in guiding and nature management courses. Since KGS began in 2005 more than 270 students have graduated a considerable proportion of these are women. Each class has approximately 30 students; of which 1/3 tend to be women. The school thus  sets an important precedent for gender equality in higher education. To date Basecamp has employed about 10 guides from the Koiyaki Guiding School, one of whom was the first female guide in Masai Mara.

Over the last 13 years, KGS has recruited over 50 Maasai girls into the guiding program initially dominated by men and to date 80% of all trained guides in Masai Mara and Amboseli are KGS graduates. KGS has also successfully incorporated a program which helps students engage in cross cultural and language interaction, tree planting and weekly game viewing with volunteers from the African Impact foundation in Masai Mara.

KGS will in 2018 partner with an institution of higher learning to raise the level of education from a diploma course, diversify the existing KGS courses, promote long term conservation of the Masai Mara, be financially sustainable and relocate to a different area within Masai Mara to allow for expansion of the institution. The expansion will provide KGS with additional facilities like an information hub with research material on cultural aspects for short term and long term courses. KGS currently receives about Kshs 12 million per year which cater for all operational costs. Additional financial support will sustain scholarships for the young Maasai men and women and increase the administrative team who will assist in the running, management and execution of day to day operations of the institution that are currently under the guidance of the principle.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the project


Create an environment for learning and equip local communities through education & training




Train students in guiding and nature management courses


Number of students trained


Increase in the number of guides & especially female guides


Improved employment levels and standards of living for the local community


Better level of guiding and tourism experiences for guests

Figures for the project

Figures as at end of 2017 (Since project inception)

Over 270 graduates

2017 only

30 graduates

2018 Projection

30 graduates

Qualitative milestones for 2018

Increase in the number of well trained guides especially female guides
Better standards of living for the KGS graduates and the local Maasai community 

2018 (USD)

USD 50,000

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