Atmospheric experiences in our lavishly decorated Christmas hotel, in the middle of Longyearbyen. During the polar night, you can shop tax free, enjoy culinary, local ingredients, scout for the northern lights and experience the magical Arctic nature. Perfect for a long weekend in the run-up to Christmas with colleagues or friends, or why not celebrate Christmas or New Year as far north as you can go? Welcome “home” to our lovely Christmas hotel.

Daily from 17th Nov
Christmas and new years
From 1 person
Basecamp Hotel
Starting from 1,690 nok

Half day RIB-boat safari from Longyearbyen

spot the dot

Join us on an open RIB boat fjord safari through the bright summer in Svalbard. On this half day excursion we explore the hidden treasures of the Arctic ocean and the surrounding mountains.


The Basecamp Hotel suite is a couple’s suite, with one bedroom with a double bed, a living room and a loft with two extra beds. The suite has a private bathroom with shower, and free wifi. Breakfast and coffee/ tea is complementary.

free wifi
all year around
4 persons
breakfast included
ecological hotel
Starting from 4790 NOK
per night

Triple room

Our triple rooms in real trapper’s style have one single bed and a bunk bed, a private bathroom with shower and wireless internet connection. The price includes a tasty breakfast and coffee or tea are complimentary.

free wifi
all year around
3 persons
breakfast included
ecological hotel
Starting from 3690 NOK
per night

Single room

Our single room in real trapper’s style has a single bed, private bathroom with shower, and wireless Internet connection. Coffee or tea are complimentary, and our tasty breakfast is included in the price.

free wifi
all year around
1 person
breakfast included
ecological hotel
Starting from 2390 NOK
per night

Twin Room

Our twin rooms in real trapper’s style have either two single beds or a bunk bed, private bathroom with shower and wifi. Double beds are on request only. Enjoy our tasty breakfast and complimentary coffee or tea.

Free Wifi
All Year Around
2 persons
Breakfast included
Starting from 3190 NOK
per night

Whole day snowmobile adventure towards Tempelfjorden

Arctic Treasures

This snowmobile adventure is a solid start of your new outdoor winter activity. It will most likely tempt you back for longer snowmobile trips in Svalbard. On frozen grounds we head northeast towards the popular site Tempelfjorden. Here lies the historical trapper’s cabin of Hilmar Nøis, who completed 35 winter as a hunter in Svalbard. When time and conditions allow, we might reach all the way on top of the plateau Fjordnibba. Be awed by the view and feel thrilled as you breathe in the fresh Arctic air before heading back to Longyearbyen.


Half day snowmobile adventure in the polar night

Darkness Exposed

In the wilderness, it is only you and the wildlife existing in the surrounding landscape. During the darkest season of the year, we often wonder how many polar bears that invisibly passes by, only to leave us with curiosity. Our single proof is the observations of footprints. Embrace the feeling of driving through a picturesque postcard by embarking on a 4-hour snowmobile safari in Longyearbyen surroundings. It is the perfect introduction to snowmobiling and will for sure have you coming back for more.


Whole day dog sledding

SledGing into the wilderness

A fantastic day spent in company with Alaskan huskies in the mighty Svalbard nature! Perhaps the most beautiful trip in the winter-clad Arctic. Together with our highly experienced and dedicated dog guides, a full-day tour with eager huskies is an exciting encounter between people, hard-working animals and magnificent wilderness. It is a very special feeling to lead your own dog team, leave civilization behind and move across the tundra between majestic mountains. You feel that you are living a real life, just like the polar explorers and adventurers of the past.


4-day northern lights adventure in Svalbard

Green Sky

There are few phenomena that capture your imagination in such a way as the northern lights, but the green lady can only appear on a dark, clear sky. We recommend studying the northern lights forecast for Longyearbyen, which indicates the likelihood of northern lights the next three days. Svalbard has more to offer than solely seeing the lights. We have designed a 4-day adventure filled with popular activities combined with extraordinary accommodation. Discover Svalbard in the polar night and ensure that you go home with a thrill to come back and explore more of the Arctic.


Half day exploring in the polar night

Gift of the Polar Night

Experience Svalbard’s fascinating history and meet our beautiful, four-legged colleagues. An exciting trip in the polar night, with a visit to the charming Trapper’s Station.

Located in Bolterdalen, just under a mile outside Longyearbyen, Trapper’s Station is home to our sled dogs, a happy group of lovely Alaskan huskies who eagerly welcome visitors. They are as different as us humans, some are shy, others are open. Some are small, others are powerful. We have older, experienced guide dogs and playful puppies. A meeting with our dogs is always filled with joy and enthusiasm.

The trapping station is actually exactly what the name says – the guest house is an original trapping cabin where we gather around the table in the warmth of the wood stove. Here, our guides tell stories from Svalbard and meetings with the King of the Arctic.

And maybe the northern lights dance across the sky outside? Away from Longyearbyen’s artificial light the moon, the stars and the northern lights make nature appear powerful and exciting.

The trip to and from Trapper’s Station also offers interesting stories about Svalbard. We stop at the famous polar bear sign. From here onwards you must always have protection against the predator. We tell about the operations at the mines we pass, both the closed ones and the one that still collects coal from the mountain.

This adventure is a rich experience for both young and old. An encounter with Arctic history, the magical polar night and not least our beautiful sled dogs.



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