Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani has started co-operation with Basecamp Spitsbergen to run a tourism activities in Gruve 3 – one of the mines on Spitbergen.

We are very happy to have such experienced tourism company as Basecamp Spitsbergen in the project to develop tourism activities inside Gruve 3, says director Wenche Ravlo from Store Norske.

Mining on Spitsbergen is an important part of the global picture and we are looking forward to convey the history in Mine 3 for bigger audience, says Director Steiner Rorgemoen from Basecamp Explorer.

Gruve 3 ads a new dimension for tourism on Spitsbergen. We hope, that by experiencing the miner’s life first hand will contribute to greater understanding of the history of mining industry on Spitsbergen and to better understand its importance for Longyearbyen and for Spitsbergen, Steinar explains further.

Tourism activities in Gruve 3 are planned to start in Mid-August

Establishing Gruve 3 forrest to Maisai Mara

For each guest visiting Gruve 3, we will plant a new tree in Masai Mara, Kenya. By calculating the estimated visitors to Gruve 3, it might come up to 10,000 new trees. Basecamp Explorer has already planted several forest to Kenya – one of them started by Obama Barrack. This means that as a guest visiting Mine 3, everyone will help to build a Mine 3 forest bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve (the world’s most precious rich nature reserve)

As an effect, in addition to CO2 perspective, the project will create new jobs in a very challenged part of the world. This is a great initiative in Basecamps DO GOOD philosophy, Sainar says proudly!





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