Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel 2023

Finally! Newly made beds, cozy sauna, bread baking in the kitchen and enthusiastic and competent employees who love their very special workplace in the west. This year it’s extra nice to come “home” to Isfjord Radio, because we’re going to mark that the radio station from 1933 is 90 years old. And we look forward to even more people falling in love with the history and location of one of Norway’s most distinctive hotels.

Isfjord Radio

– The journey out to Isfjord Radio, nine miles off the beaten track, is an experience that always leaves an impression on our guests. They are very close to the powerful natural elements, and the trip over tundra, glaciers and frozen lakes is deeply touching. When the warm hospitality at Isfjord Radio meets guests who have challenged themselves in the Arctic landscape, there is a very special feeling of coming home, says Kay Varpen, station manager at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel.

– Just as the nature on Svalbard touches us, Isfjord Radio will also do so. The experiences we give our guests should always end up as memories for life.

Hiking at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Isfjord Radio has had a significant position in communications in the North Atlantic since 1933, and the radio station is still important for coastal radio and ship traffic in the Arctic. But primarily Isfjord Radio is a wilderness hotel that conveys Arctic culture, history and nature. 2023 will primarily be a year that will mark the radio station’s 90-year history, but in addition, phase two of Store Norske’s pilot plant for renewable energy will be completed. And there will be a music festival in September, for the fourth time some of Norway’s favorite artists will come to a weekend where acoustic tones meet the naked nature.

During the year, National Geographic launches its new series “Restaurants at the End of the World”, where the American chef Kristen Kish experiences the kitchen at the Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Kristen has accompanied our head chef, Rogier Jansen, on the hunt for the best Arctic ingredients, and together they conjure up distinctive food with a hint of madness.

Dinner at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

– Sommelier Lill Karina Bøhn hosts with me throughout this year’s seasons, and she ensures, among other things, that Rogier’s food is matched with lovely flavors in the glasses. The whole team out here, including our competent guides, are highly motivated to give each and every guest experiences that are characterized by true expedition spirit and solid quality, concludes Kay.


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