Koiyaki Guiding School (KGS)  

Koiyaki Guiding School (KGS)’s mission is to enhance the employment prospects of young Maasai, in a time where traditional ways of living are being eroded by land scarcity, climate change and modernization..

As part of our commitment to strengthening local capacity, Basecamp Explorer has  for many years partnered closely with the Koiyaki Guiding School (KGS).

KGS offers one-year training course for students aspiring to be professional Safari Guides. Besides training future guides in nature management and guest relations KGS also offers courses in driving, mechanics, foreign languages and IT skills. Since it opened in 2005 more than 197 students have graduated from KGS, a considerable proportion of whom have been women. Each class has approximately 25 students, of which 1/3/40 tend to be women. The school is thus setting an important precedent for gender equality in higher education, and in offsetting long held traditional cultural barriers among the Maasai community.

Students are dependent on outside funding to attend to KGS. The total cost of tuition and accommodation for the 12-month program is USD 2300 per student. Every year Basecamp Explorer Kenya supports the school operation with a donation of USD 50 000 per year. In addition, Basecamp offers full tuition to a few students each year. Furthermore, every year Basecamp offers work experience traineeship for a number of students, as an important part of their training.

Signalling our close commitment to the school, three of the six driver guides at Basecamp Kenya are former KGS students. They include Agnes, one of the first Maasai women to become a Driver Guide in the Mara.

Koyaki Guiding School


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