Kokeriet – Arctic SPA

Experience the high temperatures and unique charm of the Kokeriet at Isfjord Radio. Our mobile sauna is a marvel of design, featuring bright aspen benches that provide soothing warmth for your muscles after a day of Arctic adventures. Outside the panoramic windows, the icy blue sea meets the towering sky over Spitsbergen. You might even catch a glimpse of a beluga passing by!

The Arctic spa at 78 degrees north is at its best when you combine the sauna with a refreshing dip in the sea. We promise, you don’t need walrus skin to enjoy the experience, but a touch of madness helps. Capture the ultimate summer bragging photo!

Our mobile sauna moves with the weather and wind throughout the summer and winter, ensuring a royal seat to nature’s spectacular show. From early morning to late evening under the midnight sun, you can watch the graceful play of seahorses over the cliffs.

The experiences at Isfjord Radio are both overwhelming and unique. We have meticulously transformed the historic 1933 radio station into a delightful hotel offering exceptional cuisine made from local ingredients. At this historic outpost at the far end of Isfjorden, you can let your mind rest and wander—only to be awakened by a brisk dip in the three-degree Arctic sea.

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