New destination manager on Svalbard

Birgitte Tautra Vegsund will step into the role of our new Destination Manager, bringing with her a profound passion for Svalbard and the Arctic. Beginning August 2024, she will oversee all operations at 78 degrees north, leading with a vision to immerse our guests in the awe-inspiring and impactful nature of the region. “I want our guests to be deeply moved by the unique and powerful landscapes, leaving with a profound respect for the history, culture, and experiences they’ve encountered,” she shares.

Birgitte’s journey to Svalbard began as a guest in February 2015, where she was captivated by the raw and rugged beauty of the land. In 2018, she made Longyearbyen her home and joined our team as Sales Manager. “Svalbard continually astounds me with its ever-changing landscape. Each season offers a distinct and diverse array of impressions, and our success lies in ensuring our guests are profoundly impacted by their close encounters with nature’s magnificence,” Birgitte reflects.

Managing the logistics and safety of outdoor stations like Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel and Nordenskiöld Lodge comes with high demands, as tourism in Svalbard adheres to Norway’s strict environmental protection laws. “The untouched wilderness, tranquility, and serenity are precious resources that require careful stewardship. As organizers of extraordinary adventures in this breathtaking landscape, our guests should always feel well-cared for and elevated by unique experiences,” Birgitte emphasizes.


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