Spitsbergen supports Basecamp Kenya  

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen supports Basecamp Explorer Kenya; one of the most innovative and rewarded tourism operators within global sustainable tourism! This cooperation is part of Basecamps Global Story.

Guests joining a round trip with us invest NOK 250 to safeguard the incredible wildlife in the Masai Mara, the most important wildlife ecosystem on the planet. This year we hope to channel NOK 250K to this purpose through our guest’s Co2 investment whilst travelling with Basecamp Spitsbergen at Svalbard!

In addition, our guests may at their own discretion support the various projects that Basecamp operates in Mara – such as capacity building for the local Masai community and preserving more Masai owned land for the wildlife. Guides and management will be more than happy to brief you!

Historically, our Basecamp Spitsbergen guests have funded the planting of 75K trees in Basecamps tree plantation, run by the Masai – thus creating a heaven for bird life as well as other uses. Such planting will be continued.

Now we are in addition expanding the scope of these funds, to also include the support of Basecamp Kenya’s endeavor to preserve the large sanctuary (200.000 mål/50th acres) – “MARA NABOISHO WILDLIFE CONSERVANCY”, in particular securing lease payment for the 500 families owning the land! In this way, existing C02 in the ground continues to be stored as well as new quantities captured through natural tree/bush/grass growth.


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