Day trips at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

day trips AT Isfjord Radio

At Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel you are situated at the very west coast of Svalbard, and in this destination, we offer an exclusive menu of adventures for your stay. This is the place to discover the Arctic type of luxury. It is not the same as glitter and gold, but unique nature experiences that you will keep in your heart forever. Pick your favorite activities from the below list. Click to read more and add to your shopping cart together with your overnight booking.

A wide fjord opens at 78°N on the west coast of Spitsbergen. Looking north you will see the distinct sailing mark Alkhornet. Looking south you will find Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, your home far away from home. Isfjorden is a gigantic fjord complex with cultural monuments from all Svalbard’s historical periods. Hop on our Polarcircle boat and explore the glaciers and characteristic mountains, bird- and wildlife that is conspicuous with great activity and traffic of nesting birds.

Tue,Thu, Sat
5 hours
Min. 4 persons
Lunch included
This trip starts at Isfjord Radio
Min. age 12
Min. 4 persons
per person 2,690 nok

Join your Isfjord Radio guide on one of our favourite tracks along the old radio poles of the station given three optional route and activity alternatives. The hike will be approximately 10-16 km long depending on route.

Mon-Thu and Sun
6 hours
Min. 4 participants
Lunch, coffee/tea & snacks
Min. age 10
Min. 4 persons
per person 1,690 nok

The Isfjord Radio experience

As fresh as it gets

Summer swim at Isfjord Radio

There is nothing quite as refreshing as the air up in the arctic region, but even the air can't compete with an arctic swim. Get y...

The feeling of an Arctic spa

Looking through the big wall-to-wall window, all you can see is the wide horizon over Arctic Ocean. Somewhere out there is the coa...


Dinner at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Bearded seal, ringed seal, arctic char and cod from the ice cold sea. Reindeer, ptarmigan and geese from the modest tundra and the...


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