Half day dog sledding on wheels

Child 6-11 yrs 1,090
Min. age 6
per person 1,490 nok
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Half day dog sledding on wheels

There is nothing like entering Advent valley on a wheel cart pulled by six huskies, with the sun in your face and a great view towards Advent bay. The Basecamp huskies are just as eager to run in the summer as in wintertime, even though there is no snow during summer and autumn. This time of year, our dog sled adventures are arranged with wheel cart instead of winter sleds. You can hear the husky’s excitement as you arrive at the Trapper’s Station, about 10 km outside Longyearbyen.



Meet your guide at the hotel reception at the starting time of the adventure. When everyone is ready, we continue to Bolter valley by car. Before harnessing the dogs, your guide will introduce the equipment and show you the principles of dog sledding with wheel chart. Everyone helps harnessing the dogs before the trip starts and seize them back to their houses after the run. There will be stops along the way for photos and giving water to the dogs.

Start time and duration
Morning adventure: 9AM-12.30PM
Afternoon adventure: 4PM-7.30PM

Warm drinks included
3,5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included

Price information

What’s included?

3,5-hour summer dog sledding experience with Arctic husky guide
Thermal suits that can be borrowed if you are cold or don’t want your clothes to get dirty
Warm drinks
Transport to and from hotel or guesthouse in Longyearbyen

Dog sledding in November

Half day dogsledding will be an off-road adventure in November, because we do not want to cause any traffic risk in the dark. Off-road dogsledding is more demanding than dog sledding on roads. This requires that all participants are in good physical health. Min. age for off-road adventures is 12 years.

Clothing and equipment

Prepare yourself for some wind and an average summer temperature of around 5°C.

Even if we do have warmer days in Svalbard, it is always better to have warm clothes. A proper local always wear wool thermals closest to the body in one or two layers. In summertime a thick sweater or fleece jacket might be enough as a mid-layer, but make sure you top it all up with a wind- and waterproof layer on top. If you tend to get cold it is smart to bring along a light down or primaloft jacket as well. At last, steady shoes that can get dirty, woollen socks, gloves, buff, hat and sunglasses.

In Svalbard each participant is responsible to dress properly for the adventure. This is for your wellbeing and safety when it comes to hypothermia, frostbite and or other injuries that can occur due to lack of clothing or shoes. Kindly as us for advice if you are in doubt.


Physical requirements

This is an active trip, require teamwork and general good health. You will be supervised by our professional guide and handlers.

This trip is not suitable for persons suffering from back pains or pregnant women. This is due to safety for your safety and well-being, and Basecamp Explorer can unfortunately not to take responsibility for health problems if this advice is neglected.


Safety is our top priority during our trips. It is necessary for you to be able to communicate in English or a Scandinavian language if you want to join our excursions. The tour language (English or a Scandinavian language) will be chosen based on the group’s language skills.

dog sledding with children

The age limit is 6 years. Due to safety reasons there must be minimum one adult per child on the dog sledding trips arranged by Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen. The minimum age for taking care of children on a dog sledding trip and to travel by yourself is 16 years.

weather conditions in svalbard

In Svalbard, weather conditions can change quickly. This means that we might need to make changes to the planned adventure program. We will always do our outmost to give you a vast experience in the Arctic, and at the same time we must be aware of the destination’s characteristics.



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