How we add sustainability in Svalbard

More than travel

When Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen was established 20 years ago, we decided that all our projects should lead to sustainable development. Together with our Basecamp Explorer Kenya, we are one of the most rewarded tourism operators within sustainable tourism. Here are some of our recent projects in Svalbard.

Isfjord Radio indoor herb garden

An indoor herb garden is built at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel to support greener, healthier, more short-travelled ingredients. The goal of the chef is that herbs and supplements should be served from the herb garden at all meals. This indoor herb garden is the world’s northernmost and will remedy freight and logistics that account for the largest part of CO2 emissions.

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Kapp LinnÉ bird reserve

A need for better information for our valued the bird sanctuary on Kapp Linné has been pointed out for several years. The effect is improved awareness of the bird sanctuary as well as knowledge of the bird population in the reserve. We have several red-listed species nesting inside and close to Kapp Linné. From 15th May to 15th August we must stay outside the reserve in respect of the yearly nesting, so new life can proceed undisturbed. Even so, you can enjoy the view into the reserve from our common rooms of Isfjord Radio. The awareness and information project is in order to better protect the species especially in the breeding season and organize traffic in and around the reserve in the best possible way throughout the year.

The project has been supported by Svalbard’s Miljøfond and Basecamp Explorer Foundation in addition to Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen.

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Project Isfjorden: Litter removal

In Project Isfjorden the local outdoor organization “Aktiv i Friluft“, arrange day and weekend trips for permanent residents in Longyearbyen to remote places in and outside the Isfjord to clear the coast for marine litter. The aim is also to make concrete measures against marine litter and increase focus on the environmental challenges in the Arctic. All the cleanup work is carried out on voluntary basis.

In cooperation with Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen the project was carried out on Kapp Linné in September 2018. 23 volunteers participated. Approximately 4,5 km of beaches were cleaned up. This sum up to 1.100 kg of garbage. Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen sponsored boat transport and partly financed stay for all participants at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel.

The project is supported by Svalbard’s Miljøfond and The Norwegian environmental directorate. Basecamp Explorer Foundation and Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen has been their collaborator during the project in Kapp Linné and Isfjord Radio 2018.

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Climate change research and the academic library

Situated on Kapp Linné in Svalbard, Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel holds a unique location and opportunity to accommodate researchers and contributing to create awareness about the climate changes in the Arctic. As a survey and part of a preliminary project, Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen has invited Professor Jonas Åkerman to collaborate on disseminating his own “research tax” with an uninterrupted research line in the area of Kapp Linné over 46 years. The first meeting and initiative for continuation were carried out from 7th – 11th September 2018.

To be able to share knowledge for this great research line of Prof Emeritus Jonas Åkerman we will open an academic library that will contain more than 1 000 research papers, hundreds of books accompanied by photo – archives and researcher field – tools. The library is donated to Basecamp by the professor 2019. First stage of the library opening will be in September 2019.

The project has been supported by Prof Jonas Åkerman, Basecamp Explorer Foundation in addition to Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen.

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Do-good and environmental investment

In Svalbard a CO2 and environmental investment of NOK 250 per person is added to all our overnight adventures. This amount is donated to Basecamp Explorer do-good projects. Together we safeguard the fragile ecosystem and nature in our destinations, and the wildlife and people in Maasai Mara.

Tree planting

2019 is the 12th year that Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen is a part of the tree planting project in Masai Mara, with the aim to revive the ecosystem. By planting trees, we are addressing the pressing issue of deforestation and ground erosion.

Book for education

By buying the cookbook “EAT THIS!” you support the culinary education for the chefs in Masai Mara. This book is sold on behalf of our chef Benson in Basecamp Explorer Kenya. The book is for sale at Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen.

Book for clean drinking water

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen AS has supported and co-financed the book “Coming Together” for clean drinking water in Talek, Masai Mara. This is the company’s 20-year gift to our local village in  Masai Mara, Kenya. You can support the do-good project by buying the book from Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen.

Masai Mara Brand

Through the sale of the Basecamp Maasai Brand (BMB) products, we support female entrepreneurship. The project is currently employing over 160 women in Talek, Kenya. In Basecamp Hotel and Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel you will find a selection of the BMB products, and this is a souvenir with extraordinary value.

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