Adrián Castelotte-Tena

Adrián was born and raised in the Pyrenees in Spain and worked for many years as a doctor in his home country. He is now a guide with us in Svalbard, and the journey here has brought Adrián from Antarctica to the Arctic. He was infected by the polar bacillus when he mustered on a ship sailing towards the South Pole. 

– I traveled to the polar regions as a doctor on board ships for several seasons, until I decided that the only right thing to do was to train as a guide. And chose to implement the Arctic Nature Guide program here in Svalbard, says Adrián. 

It is primarily a great fascination for small, remote communities and the great changes in nature throughout the year that appeal to Adrián. 

– It is interesting to meet and work closely with people who have chosen to live here in the Arctic. We must constantly adapt to nature, which is constantly changing and challenging us.  One moment the blizzard is raging, the next the northern lights are dancing above us. 

Adrián spends his working hours out in the Arctic wilderness, but he also explores the landscape when he is off duty. Best spent mushing a team of Alaskan huskies into the Arctic silence. 


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