Carolyn Carmignac and Håvard Andreas Lervik Hansen

With a strong interest and love for the arctic nature and history, Carolyn and Håvard are our committed and dedicated hosts at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Håvard has lived on Svalbard for many years, and has, among other things, worked as a sailor in the Arctic waters. In 2021, he worked as meteorology deputy on Bjørnøya, where he met Carolyn, and in recent years he has been station manager at the meteorological station on the island Hopen.

Carolyn has extensive experience from the hotel and tourism industry, and has also worked as a rig administrator on a platform.

A host at an outpost in the Arctic must have all-round knowledge. First and foremost, the safety of guests and employees must be ensured, at Isfjord Radio the king of the Arctic often strolls past, in addition to the fact that the weather conditions change quickly.

Both Carolyn and Håvard know the arctic conditions very well, and have a burning desire to use all their experience to give our guests the very best experiences. Hospitality is a matter of course, and they are also keen to convey the fascinating history of Svalbard. Håvard has given many lectures on arctic conditions, while Carolyn has a special interest in arctic fauna and the history of women trappers.

– Before I left for Bjørnøya, a friend told me that if I started this Arctic adventure, it would leave a loss that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. This phenomenon is called the Arctic Ocean bacillus, he said. Guess if he was right!
I think this longing is an enrichment. Many say that they are unable to take in the magnificent nature of Svalbard until they have returned home. They think back to the light, the colors and the giant valleys from primeval times. It stays with you, long after you are back in your busy everyday life, as a reminder of all that is powerful, explains Carolyn.

The love for the Arctic is enormous to the couple, and this is exactly what Carolyn and Håvard want to pass on to every guest who visits Isfjord Radio.


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