Emil Grytten Tennøy

Emil is our dedicated hotel manager, who makes sure that the guests experience plenty of hospitality, comfort and coziness. Emil is 27 years old, born and raised in scenic Ålesund. Now the Sunnmør Alps have been replaced by equally majestic mountains in the Arctic.

“Svalbard is truly remarkable, offering both breathtaking natural wonders and warm, welcoming locals,” Emil shares. As part of the Basecamp team in Svalbard, he embraces both professional and personal challenges, finding fulfillment in contributing to the ongoing evolution of Arctic tourism.

Following his studies at the University of Kristiania, Emil honed his skills at the Storfjord Hotel. Simultaneously, his passion for animals led him to spend ample time in the stables, competing nationally in show jumping. Though the horses had to remain on the mainland, Emil brought his culinary talents with him to Svalbard, alongside his love for baking and cooking. And if you spot him sporting a cozy woolen jumper, don’t hesitate to inquire if he knitted it himself.


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