Giorgia Vezzani

Everyone visiting Nordenskiöld Lodge this summer can look forward to gathering around meals in our charming cabin in front of the glacier. Giorgia, 26, has studied food science and topped off her education with a doctorate in gastronomy. She has a deep fascination for Arctic nature, captivated by the beautiful colors that accompany the changing seasons. She loves the soft blue light that meets shades of purple when the light returns in February, and the explosion of orange and pink as the sun sets when summer transitions.

Giorgia grew up in a small village in northern Italy and began working in local delicatessens at an early age. Her passion for food led her to study in Parma, surrounded by the specialties of Italian cuisine. Eager to explore different food cultures and traditions, she delved into flavors from Asia to Nordic ingredients. After working in various restaurants on mainland Norway, she sought to challenge herself further by learning about Arctic raw materials and navigating complicated logistics.

This summer at Nordenskiöld Lodge, far from civilization, Giorgia will create delicious and nutritious meals for our guests with great enthusiasm and perfection. The meals are based on local produce, but with a touch of Italy.

“We are two Italians who will ensure that the guests have the very best experiences at Nordenskiöld Lodge this summer. Of course, we’ve made sure to stock up on some extra olive oil and Italian cheeses,” laughs Giorgia.

To our guests: Be prepared for an abundance of energy and sincere food enjoyment with Giorgia at the helm!


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