Ilka Doval

Some people achieve a lot in a few years. During her 24 years, Ilka has traveled a lot around the world, and fortunately for us, she has now chosen Svalbard. Here she combines studies with work at the reception at the Basecamp Hotel. Perfect for our French guests, Ilka is half Norwegian and half French. We also think other guests may be interested in an extra chat with her, especially if they are curious about table tennis and landscape architecture.

Ilka has actively played table tennis, and it is the top sport that has taken her all over the world. But Svalbard has a special place in her heart.

– There is no place that fascinates me as much as Svalbard. I love the community that arises between people in the arctic climate, and everything about this place in the north appeals to me, Ilka explains.

The 24-year-old spends a lot of time on trips, where she photographs the landscapes around her. Ilka studies landscape architecture, and the master’s thesis is written with Mine 7 as the subject. In other words, a girl who knows a lot about both what lies above and below the ground in Svalbard.


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