Marta Paludetto

Marta is born in a small town in the North of Italy where she studied nursing and after receiving her degree she moved to the UK where she has been working as a trauma and emergency nurse in London for eight years. When she is not guiding in the Arctic.

Marta has worked as a sled dog guide for three winter seasons in the north of Norway, and last year she joined the course Arctic Nature Guide on Svalbard.

She has now been on Svalbard for more or less two years, also working as a guide for us during the summer, taking our guests out with dogs on wheels. This winter season she will join us for our sledge adventures.

– When Covid spread I was ‘stuck’ in a small valley in Norway for a couple of months and in that occasion, with my mind full of thoughts and doubts, I found out about the Arctic Nature Guide course on Svalbard and I thought that it would open new doors for my future. At the same time, I thought that using my nursing skills could be a fundamental resource in a remote environment, Marta explains.

– I love music and playing instruments, I love cooking and to be creative with food, and most of all I just love to be outdoors surrounded by non-civilized places. My favorite season is the late winter and early spring, with the snow and endless light.


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