Mats Tallaksen Bue

Mats finished upper secondary school in the spring of 2022, and at that time was well provided with routines and school. He grew up with a lot of outdoor activities in and outside Molde, but has also visited family in Svalbard many times. The combination of great enjoyment of the outdoors, curiosity about history, love of the Arctic and a desire for adventure sent Mats to Svalbard and us.

Mats works at Basecamp Hotel and in the dog kennel at Trapper’s Station. He is really fond of dogs, and we are not surprised if he takes one or more four-legged friends with him on longer trips to Svalbard in the future.

Music is an important ingredient in Mats’ life, and his favorite film is The Polar Express. Guess who has a great desire to get as close to the North Pole as possible? Follow your dreams, Mats!


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