Mod Ex Thongnimit

We call her Ek, while friends and family call her ‘Mod ex’, ‘Ex’ or ‘Mod’ It means ant in Thai, and that says a lot about our diligent colleague.

Ek came to Longyearbyen from Bangkok in 2008. She has a degree in accounting from Thailand. Now she works to keep the Basecamp Hotel clean and tidy, and to take good care of the guests.

At the hotel, you will meet her when she is cleaning rooms or serving breakfast. She also helps out at Isfjord Radio Hotel.
Ek has many interests, both sports, sewing, dancing, yoga, photography, literature, shopping and holiday travel.
In the autumn, Ek likes to go mushrooming in the arctic wilderness with his friends.

– Svalbard is a bit too cold for me, but it is safe here! Smiling Ek.


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