Riikka Joona

Riikka has an impressive curriculum vitae, which makes her very well qualified to be our logistics and resource coordinator. She is a qualified geoengineer (master degree) in Finland and an Arctic nature guide at UiT (the Arctic University of Norway).

Before Riikka started as a steady coordinator with us, she worked as a project engineer for Skanska Infra and as a guide in Svalbard. It has given her thorough experience in the need for good coordination of expeditions and trips, and she has the necessary insight and understanding of the challenges that can arise when operating operationally in the Arctic.

Riikka has completed an impressive amount of courses. She has certificates for cars, tractors, snowmobiles and boats, and she also has courses in glaciers, avalanches, first aid and climbing. And she is a ski and snowboard instructor.

Riikka has lived in Longyearbyen for two years. She works long days, but greatly appreciates the wonderful landscape we are surrounded by in Svalbard. Riikka spends much of her free time skiing and snowmobiling, she climbs and goes on mountain walks.


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