This year´s music experience in Svalbard

Isfjord Radio music festival 2024

Acoustic tones make the music feel naked and honest, just as we experience the Arctic wilderness. 6-8 September 2024 we enhance the sensory experiences in the encounter with Svalbard and its pristine & scenic landscape. We invite our guests into the wilderness together with the Norwegian musicians Fay Wildhagen and Gabrielle. Here music, nature and wildlife inter wine without filters. It is a music experience for life!

Fay wildhagen

Raw and sensitive, close to nature and close to our nerves when she plays. Fay has a distinctive expression in her music, which has meant that she is met with great interest and joy both nationally and internationally.
Fay was nominated for the Spellemannspris and newcomer of the year under P3 Gold for her debut album Snow in 2015. After this, she has established herself as a thorough composer and songwriter, with music that can be heard, among other things, in the film Aksel, a documentary about the alpinist Aksel Lund Svindal.
Singer, guitarist and songwriter Fay lives close to nature, which can be heard and felt in her music.


One of Norway’s rawest live artists! Gabrielle is ready for Isfjord Radio Music Festival 2024. Those who have seen Gabrielle on stage knows that she delivers her music with enormous energy and commitment. She offers both lyrics and tones honestly and generously, and she touches our entire range of emotions. Hard to stand still when Gabrielle is in charge!
It’s been over 10 years since the debut album “Mildt sagt” sent, among other things, “Fem fine frøkner” on everyone’s lips, and last year Gabrielle released the critically acclaimed “KLIPP MEG I TI OG LIM MEG SAMMEN”. Well-deserved, she has received awards such as P3 Gold, the Music Publisher Award and the Spellemann Award in the pop category.
On 10 August 2024, she ends the Øya festival, and just under a month later she meets us on Isfjord Radio – with the wilderness as a backdrop.

FRIDAY 6 september

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is your home for this weekend. We meet at Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen at the scheduled time, followed by an hou´r boat trip across the fjord. Keep your eyes open for wildlife and enjoy the light in the arctic landscape. Upon arrival you are welcomed by the hosts, and later we gather for the festival dinner at 7.30 pm. The evening is rounded off with today’s musical highlight; an intimate concert with one of the artists.

SATURDAY 7 september

We bring the music experiences into the wild and rig ourselves for boat safari to the north side of Isfjorden. Here you will experience the bird mountain Alkehornet that dominates the landscape, and the mighty Esmark glacier that plunges into the bay of Ymer. While the boat is dipping in the green glacier water, we will enjoy an unique encounter between acoustic music and wild nature. Back at Isfjord Radio, we are captured again as we gather around the bonfire for cured meat, bubbles and music. After dinner, the evening is topped off with an exclusive intimate concert by one of the artists.

SUNDAY 8 september

The toughest festival participants starts the day with a fresh sea bath which is rewarded with a warm visit in the sauna. After breakfast, we put on our mountain shoes and wander into the beautiful Svalbard landscape. We walk towards Linnévannet, situated between characteristic mountains, or towards Båtodden, where the walruses often come to visit. The choice of route depends on weather conditions. Lunch is enjoyed outdoors before returning to Isfjord Radio and Longyearbyen.

Gabrielle and Fay Wildhagen – two of Norway’s most beloved songwriters and artists! Check out a very special weekend in the wilderness of Svalbard.

Join us for a memorable music experience in Svalbard. This summer we are adding a new dimension to the nature experiences at Isfjord Radio. Close encounters between pure nature and musical moments presented by two well known Norwegian artists. Intimate acoustic concerts are nicely framed by the hotel experience at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Enjoy homemade food based on Norwegian traditions and share unforgettable memories with people sharing your interest.

6.-8. sept 2024
3 days
Most meals included
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel
per person 17,990 nok
Next departure 6th Sep 2024

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