With a touch of madness in the Arctic

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is situated at the edge of the west coast, on the windswept grounds of Kapp Linné. Who could imagine it would be possible to run a hotel with all the modern comforts of home in such a remote place?

Isfjord Radio, Photo by Kirsti Ikonen

Premises for adventures in Svalbard

The Arctic climate sets the premises for all adventures in Svalbard. Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is located midway between the vast Arctic Ocean and a spectacular alpine mountain range. The destination is more exposed to wind and weather than the more sheltered town of Longyearbyen. At times, docking at Isfjord Radio has been challenging, due to the varying weather conditions.

One last obstacle to overcome

Our experienced captains and sporty guests have travelled back and forth to Isfjord Radio in open RIB-boats throughout the last 11 years, but this year you can look forward to a dry, warm and comfortable journey across the fjord. This summer your new shuttle boat, ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN, arrived in Svalbard.  The summer season has been extended from May to October, with daily departures to Isfjord Radio. We are now better equipped for the Arctic conditions than ever. However, there is one last obstacle to overcome; docking at Isfjord Radio.

An efficient docking experiences

Even with our closed shuttle boat, we have until now been at the mercy of the local weather gods in order to easily dock at Isfjord Radio. The solution presented itself in the shape of a brand-new floating dock.

The floating dock is finally in place, and we are ready to welcome you at Isfjord Radio even in slightly challenging weather condition. This is the place to travel if you want to experience the true wilderness of Svalbard. The days of ladder-climbing and survival suits at Isfjord Radio are over, and you will stay dry and comfortable all the way from Longyearbyen to your own cosy hotel room at Kapp Linné.

3 good reasons to visit Isfjord Radio

  • The best nature adventures can be found in the true wilderness, far away from civilization
  • Experience living in an isolated location without compromising on comfort
  • Isfjord Radio is easily accessible by boat and have daily departures from Longyearbyen

20% discount on accommodation and adventures

Check in to Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, and we will take care of the rest. Meals, accommodation and a polar bear guard for your morning bath and afternoon visit to the sauna. There are plenty of additional activities to choose from at Isfjord Radio.

Book here before 20th July

*Valid for travels in 2019

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

This 1933 built solitude outpost for radio operators doesn’t look like much from the outside, but as you enter you’ll discover a different world. The contrast between the rough landscape and the modern hotel is a sight to behold.


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