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A touch of madness

The Svalbard Islands are located half way between Norway and the North Pole, at 74 to 81 degrees north. Our three places to stay form a circuit of complementary experiences, and a travel in time. From the simplicity of the old days in the Arctic, to the modern and comfortable hotel lodging.  Traveling by dogs, boat or snowmobile between our remote outposts will feel a bit mad. And it is. But in the hands of our guides, you will be perfectly safe.

hotels and lodges

We have three places to stay in Svalbard. Together they form a circuit of complementary experiences. Our hotels and logdges are small and intimate, one is located in Longyearbyen and the two others are spread out around Spitsbergen – far into the wilderness.

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Winter Adventures

Learn how to drive a snowmobile or dog sled. Sign up for a day trip around Longyearbyen or join an expedition to one of our outposts far into the wilderness.

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Summer Adventures

Book a day trip around Longyearbyen or a boat safari to one of our outposts in the wilderness, where arctic kayaking, hiking and glacier walking is on the menu.

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Business travel and tailor needs

Hosting and guiding business groups is one of our specialities. Bringing your colleagues to Svalbard for a meeting in the Arctic wilderness means guaranteed new energy and fresh perspective.  In this section we also offer you info on how we can tailor your journey to the very last detail.

Practical info

We have gathered important travel information to make your planning easier. We look at the best time to visit, how to get here and what to pack. We also have a trip level indicator to explain difficulty levels of our adventures. And we have put together a rich and detailed arctic dictionary with all you need to know about an adventure at Svalbard.

about basecamp and Svalbard

Svalbard has six national parks and several nature reserves. 65% of Svalbard´s total area is protected. Kapp Linné bird reserve is connected to our basecamp at Isfjord Radio.

Meet our dogs

Facts about our dog yard Location: Bolterdalen, 10 kilometers east of Longyearbyen Dog breed: Alaskan husky Number of dogs:...

Snowmobiling in Svalbard? Yes!

Four people on snowmobiles looking at a large arctic winter valley on a Basecamp Explorer snowmobiling adventure.

Ready for a wild winter adventure? Put on a thermal suit and helmet, get comfortable on the snowmobile and travel out into the Arc...

As fresh as it gets

Summer swim at Isfjord Radio

There is nothing quite as refreshing as the air up in the arctic region, but even the air can't compete with an arctic swim. Get y...

Waking up at Isfjord Radio with a special kind of drop-in guest

It is seldom we have drop-in guests at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, but this morning we had a surprise! A polar bear had found h...

Be inspired: Sample Menu from Isfjord Radio Kitchen

When staying at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, you are in for a real treat. In the evening, we gather around the dinner table – a ...


Dinner at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Bearded seal, ringed seal, arctic char and cod from the ice cold sea. Reindeer, ptarmigan and geese from the modest tundra and the...

The feeling of an Arctic spa

Looking through the big wall-to-wall window, all you can see is the wide horizon over Arctic Ocean. Somewhere out there is the coa...

Afternoon tea in Barentsburg

Barentsburg, the next-door neighbour of Isfjord Radio and the only remaining Russian settlement on Svalbard, is like taking a trip...

The City Abandoned at the world’s end

Old abandoned industrial building on Svalbard.

Three hours by plane to Svalbard, then three hours by open boat, and you find yourself in the northernmost abandoned city: you are...

St Olavs Rose

Couple kissing on cheek holding Norwegian heritage sign at Isfjord Radio.

In summer 2013 Isfjord Radio was awarded the St Olav’s Rose – a hallmark of Norwegian Heritage.

An entire life as a trapper on the island of Svalbard

Trappers went north with dreams of the big catch, the free life, and adventure in the vast wilderness.


Longyearbyen is a strange mix of Arctic nature and modern technology. Here you can find both high speed internet and polar bears, ...

Be a musher yourself!

There is no better way to travel across the frozen tundra than on a husky-drawn sled. With no engine to interrupt the silence, the...

Coal rush to Spitsbergen

Old black and white photo of coal industry on Svalbard.

If the gold rush to Alaska was a big step to the unknown, exploring Spitsbergen’s mining opportunities was a step even further. La...

Chasing Dreams

Old photo of coal miners on bus in Spitsbergen.

As a young man, free in the world and able to choose your own path, it is often a desire to earn bit of money to your back pocket,...

Dugnad – volunteer work

Woman with wheelbarrow at Isfjord Radio on Svalbard.

Dugnad is a Norwegian word, meaning the collective help from a group of volunteers. This has been strong basis of the work done at...

Work and holiday at Nordenskiöld

People in rib boats delivering building materials at Nordenskiöld Lodge on Svalbard.

This summer we had a team of volunteers helping to renovate the lodge. It was a true work and holiday, with combination of hard la...

“We can do it”

Men in dress shirts sitting in lounge area at Isfjord Radio.

These were the words of Halvor Bakke - the mind behind the wonderful interiors and the tremendous transformations at Isfjord Radio...


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