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Northern lights
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 With Basecamp you can choose between short day or half day trips hunting for northern lights, or packages including several nights at our hotels and lodges. Experience northern lights between October and March. During the darkest time of the year, from November to January, even the daytime sky is so dark that you will see the northern lights.

When experiencing the darkest season of the year some visitors’ states that the Arctic silence is a cosmos of colours. We leave the town of Longyearbyen behind and search for the mighty Northern light out in the wilderness. In company with eager huskies and competent guides. Sleep well at the cosy and rustic Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen.

Tue & Fri
4 days
min. 4 participants
Basecamp Hotel
Child 5,590
Min. age 10
per person 8,590 nok
Next departure 1st Oct 2024

Atmospheric experiences in our lavishly decorated Christmas hotel, in the middle of Longyearbyen. During the polar night, you can shop tax free, enjoy culinary, local ingredients, scout for the northern lights and experience the magical Arctic nature. Perfect for a long weekend in the run-up to Christmas with colleagues or friends, or why not celebrate Christmas or New Year as far north as you can go? Welcome “home” to our lovely Christmas hotel.

Daily from 17th Nov
Christmas and new years
From 1 person
Basecamp Hotel
Starting from 1,690 nok

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Join us on an adventure under the sun that never sets. On this trip you participate in taking the huskies out for a run with wagon wheels, and you will get to spend time in the dog yard before and after the dog sledding. Find your adventurous spirit and enjoy the view of the Arctic countryside.

3,5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Child 6-11 yrs 1,090
Min. age 6
per person 1,490 nok
Next departure 23rd Jul 2024

Join us for a dog sledding adventure across the beautiful landscapes in Svalbard. On this trip you are accompanied by your team of Alaskan huskies and an experienced arctic nature guide. This is the time to fully enjoy the beautiful arctic scenery close to Longyearbyen. At the same time you are introduction to dog sledding and will for sure come back for more.

Mon, Fri
4 hours
From snowfall-May
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Trapper's Station
Child 6-11 yrs, from 1,290
Min age. 6
per person 2,390 nok
Next departure 1st Dec 2024

Join us on a snowmobile adventure through the Arctic polar night. As soon as we drive away from Longyearbyen and into the darkness, our chances of observing the northern lights increases. When exploring Svalbard this time of the year you will see a faint light peeking over the snow-covered mountains, giving you the idea of a life in the south.

Selected dates
4 hours
From snowfall-February
Min. 3 snowmobile drivers
Warm drinks included
Passenger 1,290
Min. age 8
per driver 2,590 nok

Embark on a drive towards Adventdalen where you will experience what is shrouded in Svalbard’s wintry darkness. Travel away from the city lights and admire a sky that city dwellers never see. Learn more about northern lights, the dark season and the history of Svalbard. Join us at Trapper’s Station, the home to our lovely sled dogs. A close meeting underneath the mighty winter sky with storytelling and happy Alaskan huskies eager to meet you.

Wed + Fri + Sat
3 hours
3-7 participants
Warm drinks included
child 5-11 yrs 690,-
Min age 5 years
per person 890,- nok

This is a hike for the adventurous souls! You are entering a frozen landscape hiding architectural secrets created by natures robust hands. The darkness of the polar night sweeps over us, while the snow and the moon illuminate the landscape more than you can imagine. Join us on a hiking experience out of the ordinary and explore inside the glacier.

Selected dates
5 hours
Min. 4 participants
Lunch and warm drinks incl.
child 10-11 yrs 990
per person 1,590 nok
Next departure 22nd Dec 2024




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