Events and festivals in Svalbard

As autumn is sneaking up on us, sunburnt Svalbardians return to Longyearbyen after weeks of summer holiday. The sleepy summer town will come to life once again, and a numerous events and festivals will take place over the next few months. The summer season will soon come to an end, but you can still experience the best of both worlds in September. Participate in summer activities at our outposts and from mid-September you may get to observe the northern lights in the evening. Combine your Svalbard adventure with an event in Longyearbyen, and experience the cultural scene, nature and Arctic wilderness during your holiday.

autumn adventures in svalbard

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel 

Isfjord Radio is situated at the edge of Svalbard’s west coast. This is a great place to watch the curious reindeers grazing on the tundra and observe the cunning polar fox hunting for birds and eggs. We also have the occational polar bear casually strolling by the hotel.

Join our exclusive Arctic swimmers club and enjoy excellent home-made food. Sit down for a chat and a laugh with fellow travellers in the lounge, library or sauna. Explore the wilderness and hike towards the walrus colonies. Scan the sky for the northern lights when the night gets dark. Log off your everyday life and enjoy the Arctic silence.

Nordenskiöld Lodge

Nordenskiöld Lodge is our true expedition cabin, well hidden in the moraine by the majestic blue Nordensköld glacier in Billefjorden. Stay for 3 or 5 days and embark on day excursions in the surrounding area.

This is where you get to go on a glacier hike and explore crevasses. Hike to a mountain top and enjoy the view when standing on top of the world. Paddle your kayak past the mighty glacier front and be on the lookout for belugas and curious seals.

Events and festivals in Longyearbyen

View of Longyearbyen in autumn at Spitsbergen.

2.-6. September: Longyearbyen Litteraturfestival
3.-6. October: SMAK Svalbard Food Festival
24.-27. October: Dark Season Blues Festival
November: Art Break Svalbard
December: Christmas in Longyearbyen

February: PolarJazz
March: Sun Festival Week
April: Spitsbergen Ski Marathon
June: Spitsbergen Marathon
June: Arctic Chamber Music Festival

More information about events and festivals at Visit Svalbard

Northern lights adventures starting in October


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