Polar Bears

Where can I see polar bears? We often receive questions about the famous polar bears, such as where and when you can best meet them.


Meeting polar bears around Longyearbyen is rare. Once in a while one can pass the town, but most often only footprints will prove there was a polar bear around.


Polar Bears are wild animals, and can travel many kilometers in a day. That’s why it is impossible to say where they are on each day. In general the best places to meet polar bears are on sea ice, since they are often hunting seals. This means that on our snowmobile trips at Tempelfjorden and Nordensköld Lodge at Billefjorden, polar bears may occure. The east coast of Spitsbergen also offers excellent possibilities to meet polar bears.

In the summer it is quite rare to meet polar bears around Isfjorden. Most of the polar bears follow the sea ice northwards, hoping for better hunting areas. But there are still some hunting around the glacier front or looking for other food along the coastline. This means Nordenskiöld Lodge in the summertime is one of the best possibilities around the Isfjord area.


Even though it is rare to encounter a polar bear on your trip, you always have to be prepared. This means having proper safety equipment or a professional guide with when you enter the wilderness.

It is illegal to follow the polar bears or otherwise try to find them. If you come across one on your trip, you can of course observe it from a safe distance, but you are not allowed to disturb one (for example, by driving close by with a snowmobile)

travel tips

Stay overnight at one of our outposts in Svalbard to make the most of your time. Increase your chances to experience the unique wildlife.

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

This 1933 built solitude outpost for radio operators doesn’t look like much from the outside, but as you enter you’ll discover a different world. The contrast between the rough landscape and the modern hotel is a sight to behold.

Nordenskiöld Lodge

On the moraine shore of the icy fjord, at the edge of the blue glacier, stands our hidden expedition lodge. Switch off your phone. There’s no use for it here, out in the total solitude of Spitsbergen.

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