What is there to do in Spitsbergen?


There are many things you can do in Spitsbergen. In wintertime you can go snowmobiling or dog sledding, visit ice caves, or go skiing in the nearby mountains. The trips vary from a couple of hours to full-day trips. Longer expeditions vary from a couple of days up to a week. During the expeditions you will have the chance to visit some of our outer remote stations: Isfjord Radio, Nordenskiöld Lodge and the Ship in the Ice. Later in the winter season (around May) is the perfect time for longer expeditions, with dog sleds or on skis.


In the summer you can join a boat safari, go kayaking, glacier hiking, wheeled dogsledding, or hiking in the mountains. Summer time is perfect for observing fauna and flora. Walruses and whales are both returning to Isfjorden in larger numbers. We offer a good selection of diverse day trips from Nordenskiöld Lodge and Isfjord Radio. But to discover the real Arctic we recommend that you take a couple of extra days to visit Isfjord Radio, or join the Adventure Week at Nordenskiöld Lodge for a full package of Arctic activities.


In the polar night you can go dog sledding, skiing or hiking in the darkness, or go snowmobiling. During the polar night only day trips are available from Longyearbyen, but for Christmas and New Year we open Isfjord Radio, to allow visitors to experience the total darkness at the end of the world.


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