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Welcome to our trapper’s home, where the spirit of the Arctic trapper lives on. Step back in time and experience firsthand what life was like in the old days as you explore our traditional cabin and learn about the history and heritage of Arctic trapping. Meet our 100 Alaskan huskies, the faithful companions of the wilderness, and join them on an adventurous ride through the snowy landscape. Afterward, unwind and relax by the crackling fire in the cozy confines of the old trapper’s cabin. It’s a journey into the past, where the timeless traditions of the Arctic come to life.

Decades ago, intrepid trappers ventured north with dreams of freedom and the promise of the big catch. However, they soon found themselves facing the harsh realities of the Arctic, where dangers and isolation were constant companions on their quest for dreams. Despite the challenges they encountered – from treacherous terrain to extreme weather conditions – these resilient individuals persevered, driven by their determination and unwavering spirit. Their stories are a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable strength and the enduring allure of the Arctic wilderness.

After an exhilarating expedition through the Arctic wilderness with our trusty dogs and sleds, we gather around the table at the station to immerse ourselves in the rich culture and captivating stories of Svalbard. As we share tales of adventure and discovery, savor something hot to drink while the comforting warmth of the wood stove envelops us, providing a welcome respite from the winter weather outside. It’s a moment of camaraderie and connection, where the spirit of exploration and the magic of the Arctic come alive.

Gathered around the bonfire, we’ll regale each other with tales of the intrepid trappers who eked out a living from winter hunting in the Arctic wilderness. As we listen to these tales, we’re transported back in time, experiencing firsthand the thrills and challenges of Arctic exploration.

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Dog yard
trapper's dinner
wooden teepee

Reindeer skins, fire in the oven and howling dogs outside – this is the true Trapper’s Station just like the old days. Trapper’s Station offers unique possibilities for adventures and dining.

Welcome to our Gamma or the main cabin, heated by fire wood and the most cosy place to tell stories or enjoy a warm meal.

Trapper’s Station is situated about eight minutes ride out of Longyearbyen. A perfect place to spot the Northern light or just gaze at the amazing stars above us.

When experiencing the darkest season of the year some visitors’ states that the Arctic silence is a cosmos of colours. We leave the town of Longyearbyen behind and search for the mighty Northern light out in the wilderness. In company with eager huskies and competent guides. Sleep well at the cosy and rustic Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen.

Tue & Fri
4 days
min. 4 participants
Basecamp Hotel
Child 5,590
Min. age 10
per person 8,590 nok
Next departure 1st Oct 2024

Explore dog sledding in Svalbard on this full day adventure. We will bring you out in the beautiful Arctic landscape where you can enjoy a popular and authentic nature experience. You will manage your own team of huskies and the sledge, and a part of the adventure is a proper outdoor expedition lunch.

Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun
7 hours
31. Jan -12. May
Min. 3 participants
Lunch included
Child 8-11 yrs 2,390
Min. age 8
per person 3,790 nok
Next departure 1st Feb 2025

Join us for a dog sledding adventure across the beautiful landscapes in Svalbard. On this trip you are accompanied by your team of Alaskan huskies and an experienced arctic nature guide. This is the time to fully enjoy the beautiful arctic scenery close to Longyearbyen. At the same time you are introduction to dog sledding and will for sure come back for more.

Mon, Fri
4 hours
From snowfall-May
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Trapper's Station
Child 6-11 yrs, from 1,290
Min age. 6
per person 2,390 nok
Next departure 1st Dec 2024

Join us on an adventure under the sun that never sets. On this trip you participate in taking the huskies out for a run with wagon wheels, and you will get to spend time in the dog yard before and after the dog sledding. Find your adventurous spirit and enjoy the view of the Arctic countryside.

3,5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Child 6-11 yrs 1,090
Min. age 6
per person 1,490 nok
Next departure 23rd Jul 2024

Take lead from the polar explorer Amundsen on his expedition to the North Pole in 1904 and mush your own dog team across the vast and barren Arctic land. With less equipment and a less ambitious end goal than Amundsen, we leave civilization behind and begin our dog sledding adventure. Immerse yourself in a 3-day dog sledding experience and listen to the Arctic silence as we enter a snow-covered landscape at the end of the world.

21-23. FEB, 28. FEB-2. MAR, 7.-9. MAR
3 days
February, March
Min. 2 participants
All meals included
Min. age 16
per person 32,990 nok
Next departure 21st Feb 2025

Step outside Longyearbyen and open your door to the Arctic wilderness. Get the real feeling of what Svalbard is about. Mush your own husky team, set your expedition camp and care for your dogs for five days. We head vest to Isfjord Radio. After two long days outdoors a stay in this remarkable boutique hotel will ensure that you have the energy needed for the journey back to Longyearbyen.

5 days
Min. 2 participants
Meals included
Tent and Isfjord Radio
Min. age 18
per person 59,990 nok
Next departure 31st Mar 2025


We have gathered important travel information to make your planning easier. We look at the best time to visit, how to get here and what to pack. We also have a trip level indicator to explain difficulty levels of our adventures. And we have put together a rich and detailed arctic dictionary with all you need to know about an adventure at Svalbard.


An entire life as a trapper on the island of Svalbard

Trappers went north with dreams of the big catch, the free life, and adventure in the vast wilderness.

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